Which Lace Dresses Will be Popular in 2020?

Lace dresses never go out of fashion but in 2020 they are going to become a hot favorite among trendsetters, because usually lace dresses have delicate designs wherein you can wear to any occasion or event. Perfect for proms or evening parties, summer outings or family gathering, it is the kind of dress you wear to bring out both your elegance and confidence.

Such a dress is usually found in knee-length variety and playful colors like black, green and purple. Many renowned dress designers make beautiful lace dresses for women of all ages. In this article, we are going to explore some of the most popular lace dresses in 2020. By the way, ZAPAKA’s lace dress collection can be a good choice for you. This article is about to introduce some popular choices for lace dresses.

1. Pastel Colored Lacy Tea Length Dress

If you prefer a tea length dress, which is characterized by a length below the knee but above the ankle, you can check out dresses in beautiful pastels. Such a dress can also be complemented with a jacket or a belt. Since the length is quite modest, this type of dresses would really be the center of attention in the new year. In addition, if you choose a white mermaid silhouette sheath dress made of lace (like the third one in the following picture) to take the place of traditional silk or chiffon gown, it will be most stunning look, delicate lace is the finishing touch to it.


2. Powder Blue Halter Lace Dress
Lace dresses with halter neck are liked by a large number of women because of its stylish look. In fact, this is the most popular style in lace dresses because serves to highlight the sheer beauty and delicacy of the lace fabric. Powder blue is a pale shade of blue. As with most colors, there is no absolute definition of its exact hue, it originally referred in the 1650s and it then came to be used as a colour name from 1894. It is nowadays depicted as more of a pale cobalt blue. Almost all colors look great in halter style but blue, pink, maroon and cream are the most popular choices. 

3. Dark Green Knee Length Lace Dress
One of the most popular colors in 2020 is dark green. Women love them because they go well with every hair color and they can be easily combined with details and accessories in other colors. Even if you opt for a simple dress in dark green, you will look very stylish. Knee length always makes a lace dress more attractive. However, you need to choose the color very carefully as it might not suit your body shape. A knee length dress is also known as a midi dress and it is commonly worn with a  boots. A pair of brown ankle boots wouldn't look good with a leather dress, but they would work well with a light, flowing lace dress.

4. Mexican White Lace Dress
White color always looks very elegant and beautiful. If you want a casual dress for everyday use that is also stylish and classy, check out a Mexican lace dress. These dresses are found in comfortable fabrics like cotton and usually feature vintage designs. Some of these dresses are also embroidered that adds to the overall attractiveness and quality. There is a wonderful Mexican white lace dress in ZAPAKA, it features an off the shoulder style and colorful embroideries of different kinds of beautiful flowers such as roses. Wearing it will make you look fashionable and stylish at the same time.

5. Sequins African Lace Dress

African lace dresses are becoming increasingly popular all over the world because of their unique designs and high quality lace. If you want to appear totally chic and stylish in the year 2020, check out one of these dresses. Lace fabric that also contains sequins looks absolutely lovely and such a dress can be worn to just about any occasion including a wedding function or a party.

6. Collared Lace Dress
Another preferred choice for a lace dress in 2020 is going to be a collared lace dress. The most attractive dress length in a collared style is knee length with full or half sleeves. Some women also prefer mini lace dresses with a collared neck or double-breasted or pleated dresses in this style. Black is the most popular color in collared style dresses.

Some other choices that you can check out include vintage floral lace dresses and city chic black lace dresses for women. Just make sure you choose a suitable length when buying a lace dress that would look great according to your body shape. Also, keep in mind that off the shoulder dresses are not going to be very popular in 2020 so you need to check out halter neck and collared neck dresses.

When choosing a lace dress, one has to be very careful in order to avoid that typical cheap look that is characteristic of low quality fabrics. It is important to find high quality lace dresses in bright colors and a length that suits your body shape. In this article, we have discussed some of the most stylish lace dresses for the year 2020.

Vintage designs are back in fashion and so are collared, knee-length dresses. You can also check out half-sleeve, belted and ethnic styles or midi dresses that can be worn with a jacket. The choice of color is also important and it should be selected according to the occasion. White remains the most popular choice but black, navy and maroon are also preferred. Pastel colors mostly highlight the loveliness of a tea-length lace dress. No matter which lace dress you want, come to ZAPAKA.

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