What is the Trend of Prom Dresses 2020?


As the weather becomes warmer and warmer, the season for prom dresses is fast approaching. If you are going to attend a prom soon, it is never too early to start dreaming about dresses! If you want to look most fashionable, please pay attention to the trend of prom dresses 2020. Before starting your shopping for prom dresses, take a look at the upcoming trends to get ahead of the style game. As well as colors and embellishments, unique silhouettes also matter, which can make you become attractive.



First, consider which color fits you. Different colors can show what your personality is, for example, if you choose a bright red, you may be a bold person and want to be the centre of attention. Besides, black shows sophisticated, blue shows confident, purple shows bubbly. Bright prom dresses are modern and eye-catching, but choose only one bright color if you don't want to make a mistake. By the way, in terms of color, the most popular ones are red, white and gold in 2020. A red prom dress is perfect if you are looking for a sensual and passionate look, while gold are always a good idea when it comes to prom outfits.


If you are confident in your body shape and want to show off, you must choose a tight prom dress. Believe it or not, linky and sequined will be two words that you are definitely going to see together in this year. Sequins always play an important role when it comes to prom dresses, and 2020 is going to take this part to whole new heights. We expect to see a lot of sparkle on the dance floor with top-to-bottom sequined gowns. Besides, mermaid prom dresses are also popular. The slimming silhouette is tight until the knee, then it flares out dramatically. It look great from every angles. Choosing a mermaid dress with embellishments on the top can make the most of this look.


If wearing a very fitted dress just isn’t your vibe, you can choose a ballgown with the classic A-line silhouette. Much like a princess, the gorgeous style will make you feel very formal and elegant. To create delicate feeling and give a lot of class, you can pick one with an open back or sweetheart neckline. Team this style up with loose hair, a statement pair of earrings and heels. Add glowy makeup with a strong highlight, bringing out your natural features.


If you are in the shape of an apple, you need to avoid dresses that emphasize your waist. Therefore, it is better to choose designs that manage to contour the bust area.

How about trying A-line dresses with simple tops and a low and wide neckline? If you have a pear body shape, you should look for the dresses that draw attention to your shoulders and bust and reduce your lower body. Why not try prom dresses with well-defined waist and embellishments?

Every women worth having a beautiful prom dress, no matter what is her figure, even if she is in plus size. Finding a suitable plus size prom dresses can bring the effect you want. Whether you are thinking of a long plus size prom dress for classic elegance or a short one, there are endless choices. If you are looking for the Grecian-style elegance, try one-shoulder and halter prom dress with ruching details for some waist-cinching action. Turn eyes with jewel tones like wine and red, or choose soft blush tones or white for some feminine romance. In addition, a black plus size prom dress will be a endless classic, in sleek and stretchier fabrics for curve-hugging options.


In addition to body shape, height also affects the choice of prom dresses. Tall girls with slender body need to create the illusion of shapes to show off their beautiful figures. In this case, the optimum choice is a long prom dress made out of silk. In contrast, petite girls look amazing in short dresses. If the hemline is asymmetrical, the illusion of height is even better contoured. Puffy designs with a well-defined waistline will be a nice option. If you cannot find anything else than a maxi, look for long ruffles as they can make you look taller.


Last but not least, as human life becomes more and more high-quality, the dresses produced on the assembly line can no longer meet the high-level needs of women. Custom prom dresses will be the trend in 2020 and beyond. Come to ZAPAKA and customize your own prom dress, hurry up!

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