• Prom Committee

    Prom Committee
    Prom Committee Tips: Planning and Budgeting for Prom What is prom committee? Prom Committee is a group of people who are put together by the class board to throw one of the proms (either Junior or Senior). What does Prom Committee do? Prom committee is completely responsible for the planning that goes into a prom. The committee must fund raise money to pay for necessities such as...
  • Estimating Prom Costs, Budgeting & Saving up

    Estimating Prom Costs, Budgeting & Saving up
    ESTIMATING PROM COSTS, BUDGETING & SAVING UP It seems that the prom is far away from us and we have a lot of time to prepare for it. But as someone who’s been there, I must remind you that it’s time to get ready for the prom. There’s a lot of planning to be done! You may want to create a special moment, and...
  • Who Pays What for Prom

    Who Pays What for Prom
     Who Pays for What for Prom Going to prom is often seen as a must-do rite of passage, but it can wind up being a very pricey evening. Especially, the prom costs have skyrocketed in recent years as prom events have become more elaborate. The cost of the prom is usually afforded by you and your partner. Sometimes, their parents will pay for the prom. Of course,...
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