The Print Pattern Trend of Womenswear in 2020 Spring


Spring is around the corner, the womenswear with print pattern is perfect for this vibrant season. When it comes to print pattern, many people will think of leopard print firstly, but according to recent data from the authority WGSN, the number of leopard-printed garments in the retail industry are being decreased year by year. After swept through some seasons, the floral patterned clothing also retreated to the second place. The artistic style print has become a very popular item, replacing them.

The Neo-Renaissance style will be one of the hot trends for womenswear in 2020 spring. Its core is to reinterpret classic art with superb technology and revive it in a variety of items, interpreting the luxury and elegance. The following reasons made it become a big hit.

  • The key is its delicate appearance, it reproduces the artistic elements of the Renaissance Era with a more refined and complex appearance.
  • It uses repetitive patterns (such as impression landscapes, vintage brocades and Toile de Jouy) and bright colors to inject new ideas into womenswear.
  • With deep but vibrant colors, the classical painting art and religious themes complement various leisure styles, presenting the effect of street fashion.
  • It uses the art of collage and tailoring, adding a modern look to retro patterns; meanwhile, through the craft of bleaching, many young and avant-garde consumers become its fans.
  • It caters to the party style of Maximalism, which is also suitable for shoes, bags and accessories.

Classical Painting
After 2016 Spring Fashion Show, the classical art has once again returned to the public eye and become the forefront of fashion. With the interaction and common development of humanities and technology, the traditional art is re-interpreted in digital form, creating exquisite, complex and realistic printing patterns, which can interpret the new luxury taste. The print patterns from the works of classical painters, presenting a deep and full color tone, which is suitable for both high-end womenswear and street clothing. Can be used in these items: coat, dress, bag.

Retro Font
As the nostalgia returns, retro font print has become more and more popular. It continues the delicate and refined pattern style, adding a gorgeous look to basic items. Through luxurious crafts such as embroidery and diamond sticking, it is characterized by adopting low-key neutral symbols and concise slogan content to balance fancy font styles and present the texture. This trend applies not only to clothing, but also to bags and accessories.

Toile de Jouy
The Toile de Jouy is a decorative pattern which originates from country themed scenes in the late 18th century of France. It consists of two colors and is characterized by repeated depictions. This trend will continue to the spring and summer of 2020, and completely renovate the folk style printing. In particular, the intensive printing of the whole piece will not only lead the folk painting pattern to a new commercial direction, but also affect the visual display and furniture decoration.
This style includes hand-drawn style and digital design, and the theme covers exotic landscapes and urban scenery. Can be used in these items: coat, dress, jacket.

Idyllic Style
Idyllic style prints bring high-end selection for the young market, especially for autumn. This trend lies between camouflage and landscape printing, replaces abstract prints with life-like paintings to give classic styles a whole new look. In addition, idyllic style prints are becoming more and more popular in sweaters, suitable for all ages. Can be used in these items: denim, sweater, bags.

Baroque Print
Baroque prints are inspired by the decoration, damask, wallpaper and tiles of baroque pattern, the feature is adding luxurious textures into the bright theme for a new idea. Through a clear light neutral background, the retro interior style (from 2019 winter to 2020 spring) presents a low-key and elegant atmosphere, instead of the dark hue of the past. In terms of shoes and accessories, the exaggerated shape and decorative materials bring strong charm to the baroque style. Can be used in these items: suit, dress, shoe, accessory.

Combined with exquisite models, the trend of DIY hand-painting has become more popular in T-shirts and full-print patterns. This complex design can become a carrier of personality slogans and radical ideas. It uses artistic methods to present a graffiti-like appearance. It can show punk temperament when being used on casual fabrics like denim and knitted fabric.

Cross Stitch
As craftsmanship and individual items are favored by more and more consumers, the folk elements are further upgraded. At the same time, the continuous development of science and technology has brought vitality to the traditional craft of cross stitch, creating finer and more complex textures. In recent years, the embroidery craft has become popular in accessories, which can be combined with beads to show a magnificent atmosphere. Therefore, cross stitch accessories are also worthy of attention.

Natural Texture
After the decline of animal printing, natural textures became popular. Its characteristic is to focus on natural stripes, biological staining and microbial patterns (learn from the elements in nature), turning ugly into fun. The texture enhances and presents the natural feel in an abstract, non-uniform form. With the aesthetic fatigue caused by ultra-clear patterns, the hazy print will become the next hot spot.

Hazy Tie-Dye
The hazy tie-dye evolved from the past hippie style, catering to the trend of obscurity of traditional printing. This print is suitable for modern luxury woven and denim fabrics, as well as jerseys and jumpsuits for youth music festival suits. Through the bleaching process, it weakens the strong contrast and presents the overall effect in a more delicate way.

Nostalgic Stripes
As vintage trends gain attention on the Fashion Feed, designers continue to look for inspiration from it. Because retro style is often tricky for commercial brand retailers, enduring stripes have become a simple way to apply this trend. It is characterized by finer or thicker interlaced stripes instead of equal thickness stripes. Nostalgic stripe print is suitable for womenswear, especially blouses.

In addition to the above, there is also a collection of printed dresses in ZAPAKA, including floral dress, lemon dress, cherry dress, rose dress, polka dots dress and plaid dress. Spring is coming soon, why not choose a printed dress?

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