How to Style Plus-Size Summer Party Dresses


Summer is here! The weather is warm, pools are open and so are our two pieces. Days of hot nights, plopping down by the beaches, and never-ending stories of friends are here. If you are wondering that summer is not the season for the curves of your body, Girl! You need to think twice. 

Pro Tips To Get That Right Fit

plus size dress

Always go for sturdier fabrics like cotton, rayon, denim, and polyester, rather than flowy and clingy options like silk and satin. It enhances your curves making you look more flattering. Every girl should know how to dress in a way that compliments their silhouette. 

Another pro-tip is that you need to take your measurements to avoid any bad attempt at buying yourself an unfit dress. Girls! Make sure you do not cheat yourself to get one size down dress. Measure your chest, waist, and hips. 

Summer party dresses are no fun if you do not know what kind of fabric would suit you. Provided you are already aware of the importance of your body type here. 

We all know there are certain stores made for us. Make sure to determine that store for shopping. Do you research stores when looking for the perfect fit dress? No right! It is high time to shortlist the best amongst the rest.

Summer Party Dress Styles 

Everyone needs to look their best at parties. Why do we go to parties? Obviously, to drink, dance, and get content for our social media pages. Here are the dresses that would make you the show stopper of the party. It is no secret that it is hard to find plus-size dresses. But hey we got it sorted for you. 

Swing Party Dress  


The trend of swing dress belongs to the ultra-feminine era of the 40s. So you can never go wrong with this dress. The ultimate benefit of wearing a swing dress is, you can carry it to any place from a formal meeting to a wedding party. It looks equally incredible on all the different sizes of a female body. 

Short Bodycon Dress


plus size bodycon dress

While bodycon dresses might make you feel a little uncomfortable but they suit you. When you have an hourglass figure, this is made for you.  A wrap bodycon dress paired with casual heels is becoming quite a sensation these days. V necklines would help you to lift your chest. 

Long Summer Dress 


plus size long summer dress

A shift or a yoke dress is the best party outfit you can ever choose. Summer dresses have never been so trendy and airy at the same time. Complete the look with some rustic jewelry and tan sandals. Choose a brighter colored dress. Always wear a belt in order to create the illusion of a slimmer waist.  

Collared Striped Dress

If you want to go to a day party and carry a casual look, this can prove to be chic for your party. Here is a fun fact- vertical stripes make you look tall and thin i.e., a dress that goes below your knees paired with white shoes. And of course, there should be a collar in this dress. 

Ball Gown Dress

A tulle off-shoulder ball gown is what you need to carry to a wedding, pre-wedding party, reception, prom, or anywhere you want. V-neckline gown along with silver stilettos can be your wedding look. The use of accessories and heels is to make your overall look picture perfect. Add colors to your dress and maybe life.

Maxi Dress

Black never fails to woo people. When everything seems to be not working for you, go all black with a black maxi dress and matching footwear. Go bold with your makeup. Date night or a birthday party, you should never have second thoughts about this combination. The dark charming vibe makes it hard to resist. 

Pool Party dress

Pool parties might sound like ‘not your type’ parties. Read the next line closely. You look hot like any other girl in that two-piece bikini. If you feel shy wearing it, you are no different. Wear a see-through light-colored dress on top of it. This way you get to show your bikini and stay comfortable for the whole day. 

Style As Per Your Body Type 

Here is detailed information for party dresses as per the shape of your body. It is important to know the shape of your body to make sure you slay it every time. 


If you are of the same size from the top and the bottom of your body, you fall under this category. An off-shoulder blouse paired with an A-Line skirt is made for you. Make sure to cinch your waist with a belt to give a vision of a curvier frame. 


You have a larger chest and curvier hips. Your waist is the narrowest part of your body. You may or may not need to wear a belt to enhance the curves of your body, depending on the need of the party. 


Your upper body is curvier and more prominent as compared to the lower body. You have got balanced shoulders and hips. You need to wear something fuller bottom wear to give an illusion of a proportional body. 


Almost 64% of women in the world have this body type. Your shoulders are narrower than your hips. A statement jacket, bootcut jeans, A-line skirts will add to the elegance of your curves. A long summer party dress would look good on your body type. 

Full Bust

Your frame is in a way that it narrows down from hips to the legs. Your hips and shoulders are almost of the same size. The maximum measurement of your body is your shoulders. A V-neck blouse paired with bootcut pants would look great on your body type.

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