Top 12 Homecoming Dress Trends for Hoco 2021 You Need to Know


It is always exciting when you have to choose your homecoming dress. These dresses can be romantic, fancy, gorgeous, and outstanding. Homecoming will always be part of good memories and good times, and the clothing that you will wear should emphasize your character and your beauty. This way, you will stay memorable to your friends and take the breaths away to all the boys. We give you ideas to make a perfect choice, the trendy pick for 2021 and shine bright to your homecoming party.

1. Lace Homecoming Dresslace homecoming dresses

It is always a good idea to shine and show your beauty with a lace dress in some gorgeous color. These lace homecoming dresses are lightweight, modern, and elegant. You can wear it with some stiletto shoes in a different color and a pearl necklace and earrings. Choose from a long specter of colors- navy, red, blue, champagne, burgundy, purple, or black and show your romantic side. You can wear this dress on a different occasion also, show up in this dress on a first date and make a good impression.

2. Sexy Homecoming Dress

Sexy Homecoming Dress
Sexy is the new attitude. This beautiful green dress is made to emphasize your sexy side, and it is the best option for brave and courageous girls. Show your back, give the best look of your legs and combine it with crystal drop earrings, silver or nude pointy heels, and have a breathtaking look. You can also wear this fabulous dress while attending a late summer wedding, casual daily walks, or while having brunch with your friends or family.

3. Red asymmetrical Homecoming DressRed asymmetrical Homecoming Dress
Red is always the right color when you want to bring some joyful and exciting mood. This beautiful asymmetrical dress is made to caress your body, boost your confidence, and make a statement while you are wearing it. Make a perfect combination with nude stiletto shoes, silver crystal drop earrings, and make the final touch with a bit of flower clutch. You can also wear this beautiful dress not just on this occasion, but also to a party, travel or even wedding.

4. Off The Shoulder Homecoming DressOff The Shoulder Homecoming Dress
This marvelous homecoming dress is made for all romantic gals that want to show their sexy side but in a mysterious way. Champagne is the best color that will give the pure and romantic effect that is aimed to show, and the off-shoulder part is for showing the sexy side and making every boy stare at you. This little fairytale dress could be worn with champagne pointy high heels and glamorous earrings. Feel like a princess with this dress and enjoy.

5. Cute Homecoming Dresses

Cute Homecoming Dresses
Be elegant, be cute and enjoy your hoco party. This cute little dress is made for girls that want to show off their soft side and to emphasize their figure with a pretty bow to the waist. This little lace dress is fabulous for girls that want to emphasize the vintage look and feel like a character from a black and white movie in the 50s. Match this dress with pearl earrings and a pearl necklace and dance all night wearing silver pointy heels.

6. White Homecoming Dresses

White Lace Homecoming DressesEvery trend won’t be complete if there isn’t a white homecoming dress. The homecoming party is one where every girl wants to feel outstanding, fabulous, and comfortable during the night. This white hoco dress will give that comfy look, give you perfect silhouette, and you can be careless while dancing to the floor. Match it with high heels in a bright color and a flower clutch. The asymmetrical design is made to give you a great look and easiness while moving.

7. Two Piece Homecoming Dresses
This short hoco silver dress is made for dancing. Move around and enjoy your homecoming party, and the skirt will flow as you move. Emphasize your body with a laced top and give that elegant touch. Wear this beautiful dress with pointy champagne heels or silver pointy heels, and spice the look with a geometry patchwork acrylic party handbag.

8. Sparkly Homecoming Dresses

Sparkly Homecoming Dresses
Shine and be fabulous all night long. This mini sparkly dress is the right choice for bright girls that want to give an elegant but also bold touch to their look. It is made for girls who want to show their great silhouette, to have all eyes on them, and have lots of attention. You could wear this dress on different occasions, formal parties, weddings, or the primary purpose- homecoming party. Match it with tiny hoop earrings and a silver clutch, and you are ready to party.

9. Tight Hoco Dresses

Tight Hoco Dresses
Have all the compliments all night long when wearing this dress. This tight hoco dress is the perfect choice to show your curves, emphasize your shoulders and emphasize your tight waist. This stunning dress you can wear to your homecoming party when you attend a wedding as a guest or to your prom and be a prom queen. You will definitely feel and be gorgeous.

10. Modest Homecoming Dresses

Modest Homecoming Dresses
If you are a simple girl and have a good eye for fashion, this modest midi dress is perfect for you. Feel like Merlin Monroe or Audrey Hepburn for one night and be a movie star with this gorgeous deep green dress. Bring that vintage look, match it with vintage shoes and show your dancing skills to the dance floor. Spice the look with some pearl jewelry, and you are ready to be modest and modern at the same time.

11. Bodycon Homecoming Dresses

bodycon homecoming dress
Bodycon dresses are perfect for early spring or late summer diner occasions. But it can also be an ideal choice for your homecoming party. White, red, champagne, or any color you want will give your curves and figure a perfect look. We give you an idea for a white bodycon dress that will provide a gorgeous look to your tan and match perfectly with dark green high heels.

12. Long Sleeve Homecoming Dresses

Long Sleeve Homecoming Dresses
Eye-catching and soft dress in a gorgeous lavender color, it is ideal for hoco parties. The long sleeves and midi length will give some innocent and modern touch, and the dress will fall gently to cover your curves. This lace long sleeve dress is a perfect choice also for wearing it as a bridesmaid to your best friend’s wedding, for a fancy dinner with your partner, or you could wear it for casual walks with your friends and have a stunning look.

Enjoy the homecoming party, dance all night, be happy with your friends, and have a toast for future adventures. Any dress you will choose will give you that incredible feeling to feel confident and boost your mood. Enjoy while having the best time of your life and be flawless!

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