Best 2022 Bridesmaid Dresses And Style Ideas


You have decided to spend the rest of your life with your other half, you have booked the venue, you have invited all guests, now what? It is time to shift your focus to minute details of the wedding- bridesmaid dresses. The pandemic has moved the trend of luxurious and big fat weddings to more casual weddings. Keep scrolling you will know every bit of the trend for this wedding season. 

Big Fat Shimmery Bridesmaid Dress

shimmery bridesmaid dress

Adding some glitzy and glamorous look to your bridesmaid dress never goes wrong. Here is a matter of fact. The Bride should always look over the top and bridesmaids should dress accordingly. This is what others believe. What’s wrong with going a little too much though? Wear a vintage short dress adorned with some glitters on them for a more classy and rich look. A little bling in the dress can be added through shimmery and shiny heels and accessories. 

Lace Me Up

red lace dress

A lace dress is a simple yet the best minimalistic dress that a bridesmaid can carry to a wedding. Many bridesmaids have chosen to forego the minimalistic look. A sophisticated lace dress goes a long way. Shot list a red lace dress over any other color of the lace dress. The whole bridesmaid gang can set the mood of the party in this dress. Loud makeup with light lipstick really gets along. Go for any length of the sleeves- strapless, spaghetti straps, backless, cap sleeves, literally anything that suits your body type. For a more lavish look, get some pearl jewelry on. 

Mix The Family Of Colors

Some bridesmaids enjoy the monochromatic look, while others just want different shades of the same color family. One can fancy staying in the same color palette. Emerging after 2020, this year is all about going sound with your dress. Choose brighter or lighter shades of the same color but stay cohesive to your dress. A ruched bodice paired with a different shade of the same colored heels and accessories can make you look outside the box. This is an ultra-feminine and sweet look for a bridesmaid. 

Casual Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

white bridesmaid dress

If the wedding is casual, what could be a better option than a white dress. An Asymmetrical pleated white dress with delicate spaghetti straps that perfectly fits your breast area with a white belt to embrace it further, seems a pleasant dress. A double V-neck adds to the elegance of the best bridesmaid dress. Wearing a hat in a casual wedding looks cool as per the venue of the wedding. 

Doll Up With Satin

The fluttering fabric of satin is the reason why it is a wedding-friendly material. A blush pleated satin dress with a horizontally pleated belt is a big ‘YES’ for bridesmaids. A side-slit satin gown makes a striking statement in a wedding. Different shades of lighter colors can multiply the charm of a satin dress. Wearing satin is the best party dress you can ever see. It looks more dressy if you carry a polished look without too much fuss to take care of. 

The Best Bridesmaid Is A Boho Chic

A boho dress goes with multiple silhouettes and with any hue of any color. For more rustic vintage-ish feels, add off-white color to your gown or dress. A boho dress is made of chiffon material which means more flare and glare. A yellow monochromatic look is the trendy fashion du jour for glamorous bridesmaids. Your heels, your accessories, your handbag, all the same color, and you are good to lit the marriage. 

What Better Than Chiffon And Lace?

Chiffon is known for making you flaunt your twirl on point. Ah! Can you imagine a bunch of girls wearing chiffon and spinning their way to a beautiful wedding? Blouse made of lace while the rest of it is in chiffon makes an everlasting impression on people. Chiffon can easily create a versatile look for a wedding. The best bridesmaid dress is a flattering dress that should be comfortable as well. There is nothing more comfortable than a chiffon material dress. 

Throw Some Curves

Bridesmaids are of different sizes and shapes. Curvy bridesmaids can go for a modern and sleek side slit dress. The thigh-high slit will help you to move freely. Darker colors will give an illusion of longer and taller height. Curves have always been the epitome of beauty. It should be treated with grace. Sage, olive, and dusty blues would look magnificent on you. The  A-Line dress should be the go-to dress. While added volume in such dresses doubles the charm of it, more volume should be avoided to look the best of you. 

Jaw-Dropping Mermaid dresses

mermaid dress

Bodycon mermaid dresses are the latest addition to the bridesmaid trend. Choose a dress from your prom dresses, add on some sequins to it, fit it. If you want an elegant bridesmaid dress, a  long prom dress that is fitted to your body with aqua or emerald green colored sequins, is the best example of this trend. These embellishments mix the different shades of mermaid into your dress. It is a bridesmaid attire with an ethereal feel attached to it. The best bridesmaid dress is supposed to be alluring in a way that they take away all the eyes of the party to them.  

More Whites And Eyes On You

An antique floral print open-back long dress sounds perfect for a spring wedding. A white dress is something you can experiment with. The best part is your experimented look never goes wrong. Softer colors with soft makeup are an ideal look for a bridesmaid. For a special touch in the dress, add heavy jewelry to it. For instance, a choker with a matching pair of earrings. The subtle floral print would also look great.

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