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Budgeting For Prom, Prom Dresses

It seems that the prom is far away from us and we have a lot of time to prepare for it. But as someone who’s been there, I must remind you that it’s time to get ready for the prom. There’s a lot of planning to be done! You may want to create a special moment, and for this, you need to prepare more, such as makeup, a necklace, earrings, flowers, and after-prom activities. When you consider all possible prom costs, it's clear that budgeting is the key to planning your prom experience. The average cost of a prom can vary by year and region, but if you start planning early, you can save money for the prom night of your dreams. Start saving for prom as early as six months in advance so prom costs don't sneak up on you. With the budgeting tips in this section of your prom guide, you'll be well on your way to creating a prom experience that pleases you and your bank account. In this section, we collected some common questions and we will help you deal with these problems.




Budgeting For Prom

Prom attendance can be expensive, so for the best results, it's wise to have a realistic prom budget. First, determine how much you can afford to spend at the prom. Then, make a list of everything you can think of to make your prom perfect. On a worksheet or Excel-style spreadsheet with columns, prioritize the items you must buy, but also include items on your prom wish list. Next to each item, write the amount you think you can throw in, making sure it doesn't exceed the total amount you originally decided you could spend on the prom. Do some online research on businesses in your area and write down the estimated cost of each in the next column. If estimated prom costs exceed your expenses, get creative and adjust your budget for expenses that are more important to you, or cut items you don't think you need or want. You could even try getting a part-time job or working a few extra hours in the months leading up to the prom to start setting aside extra money for those wish list items. By planning a realistic prom budget months in advance, you'll be able to easily achieve what's on your wish list.

Estimating Prom Costs

Prom dresses&Prom Accessories

The average cost of a prom varies by region, and how much you choose to spend depends on your prom budget at most. Smart prom-goers can get creative and find affordable ways to live out their prom night dreams. Here's a breakdown to give you an idea of average prom costs by item. as well as some prom money-saving tips.

Prom Tickets: Prices for prom tickets range from $70 to $100. Prices depend on the venue of the prom. Some tickets also include dinner, of course, it will be more expensive. It's worth mentioning that if the prom dinner is included in the admission fee, it can actually save you money because you don't have to make an additional meal plan.

Corsage&Boutonniere: Corsages range from $15 to $75, and corsages $15 to $30. If ordering prom flowers from a florist, please do not wait until the last minute or rush fees may apply. Place your order at least two to three weeks before the prom. A corsage should have two or three flowers and a ribbon that coordinates with the ball gown. You can always agree to opt out of the flower delivery tradition to save money.

Prom Dresses: The average price of a ball gown ranges from $100 to $600. This is also one of the main expenses of the prom. If you plan to spend more on gowns, you may want to consider reducing other prom expenses so you can afford the prom dress of your dreams. For example, you may choose to wear your old shoes instead of buying new ones. If you don't want to lose out in other areas, you can also choose to buy more affordable dresses online, which can save you a lot of money compared to high-end boutiques. Of course, if the dress isn't your main concern, choose something simpler so you can use that money for other prom expenses. You can even save a ton of money by borrowing a prom dress or choose to go the vintage route and shop at discount thrift stores that sell cheap formal clothing from old times.

Tux Rental: The average cost of renting a tuxedo for a prom is $140. Different stores offer different services and costs will vary. If you opt for full service, you can get a shirt, tie, vest, belt, and even shoes when you rent your tux. But remember, everyone who wants an evening gown for the prom at your school will be looking, so don't wait too long! Rent a nice suit for the prom while saving you money and the hassle of repeated trips to the store to try it on, pick it up and return the rental.

Shoes: Average price between $30 and $150. Obviously, there is no need to spend big bucks on shoes. Chances are you'll find a pair of dancing shoes that fit in your shoe closet. If shoes are your favorite, you need to cut back on gowns, opt for simple gowns, and shift funds to prom heels so you can choose your favorite pair without breaking your budget for beautiful shoes. If you decide to buy a new pair of prom shoes, be sure to shop for the dress first so you can coordinate the two.

Jewelry: Prom jewelry is usually more expensive, but most prom-goers will spend $25 to $100. Be sure to coordinate your jewelry with your prom dress. To save money, it's best to borrow jewelry or use what you already have.

Purses/Clutches: If your prom dress has no pockets, or you like the convenience of a purse, keep in mind that most prom bags or clutches cost between $10 and $100. A savvy shopper can find the perfect prom bag to match her prom dress online for far less than a bag purchased in an upscale boutique.

In addition to these, there are other expenses to be aware of. For example, dinner, transportation expenses, and post-prom activities. These costs also need to be reasonably arranged according to their own circumstances. The best way is to use the resources you have as much as possible to achieve these. You can choose to drive your car instead of renting a limousine. Save money on rental fees by continuing your post-prom activities in your own home.

Planning a Timeline for Prom Costs

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Prom is one of those once-in-a-lifetime events that you will always remember, and if your prom night goes well, those memories will be the best. Follow this handy prom planning schedule for peace of mind that basically covers everything that needs to be done to prepare.

4 Months Before Prom

Organize your prom budget. Prom night costs can accumulate quickly, so it is vital to organize your prom budget with your parents before you start making plans for the evening. Prepare your budget at least four months before the prom so you’ll have time to save money or ask your parents for assistance in advance.

Ask for a date. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask that special someone to prom. Considering your date’s preferences in prom planning is important, so be sure to have a date in line before you move forward with any major decisions.

Make transportation plans. Once you have a good idea of your prom budget, start looking at transportation options with your group. If you are planning to go to prom in a limo, be sure to make the reservations as soon as possible before the limo rental companies are all booked up.

3 Months Before Prom

Before 3 months, find the perfect prom dress and coordinating underwear. If you choose to shop online, you must allow enough time to shop for the right dress. Please factor returns and attire modifications into the schedule. Be sure to keep any prom themes and school dress codes your school may have in place before you make your purchase.

2 Months Before Prom

2 months before prom, now is the time to start coordinating other purchases with that gorgeous gown you bought the month before. Be sure to choose jewelry, shoes, and clutches that complement the dress without being over the top. After deciding on the accessories to go with the dress, it's time to choose the right hairstyle and nail art. Whether you go to a nail salon to do manicures or DIY at home, please prepare in advance to ensure that there are no problems. Regarding hairstyles, you can go to the barbershop to communicate in advance, let the barber operate according to your needs, and see the effect in advance.

One Month Before

Think about pre- and post-prom events. Talk with your date or prom group to discuss what you want to do before and after prom. Consider where you will be taking pictures, where you want to eat, and what after-prom activities you should engage in when the dance is over.

Make reservations. If your prom does not have catering, make dinner plans with your group at a restaurant. Once your group has decided on a restaurant, make a reservation quickly to ensure you are set for the evening.

Talk with parents. Make a point to discuss prom night plans and curfew with your parents to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the night’s events.

Order corsages and boutonniere . Go to a florist to select and order your corsage and boutonniere.

Two Weeks Before

Double-check your reservations. Check your limo, dinner, and hotel reservations to be sure you and your group are good to go for the night. Make sure your sizing for your tux is still set.

One Day Before

Check whether your things are complete and confirm the prom information. Assemble all the information you need to have on hand throughout the night, such as the addresses of the restaurant, your date’s home, the event venue, and post-prom activities. Make sure you pack everything you need for the night, including your wallet, keys, money, prom tickets, etc.

The Day of the Prom

On prom day, don't forget to pick up a boutonniere or boutonniere. Evening dresses should be picked up. If you're getting your hair or makeup done professionally, it's time to get there for your appointment.

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