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The modern fashion industry began sometime around the late 1940s. With body-fitted dresses, ladylike accessories, and rich details taking the forefront, the 1950s gave birth to a new approach to elegance. Stepping into the decade with class and sophistication, women were gravitating toward the shape-defining silhouettes like a poodle skirt. 1950s trendy dresses were not only the trends back then, but they still match the trend now. Women liked a polished look. From impeccably tailored skirt suits, opera gloves, and all the many hats, people from the 1950s were always sure to add a little extra something to their looks to truly take them to the next level.

Polka Dot Dresses

Polka Dot Dresses

Polka dot dresses of this era are perhaps the most feminine dress in this industry. This was the era to get the best vintage dresses. It does not matter which event you are heading to as long as you are wearing a polka dress. A pinched waist and flared skirt are what was needed to get a chiseled hourglass silhouette. All the thanks go to Christian Dior for getting a detailed dress like polka dots and influencing the history of the fashion industry.

The New Look

The new-look dress of the era was a body-hugging dress, especially from the waist. The waist is belted into a tight corset or body shaper to fit properly and give the illusion of a thinner waist. The skirt area of such dresses is quite a flare. To accent the voluminous layer of the tulle, more volume is added to it. The whole body appears in a way as if it is an hourglass figure. Again the credit for this trend goes to Christian Dior. He redefined grace into the era.

Swing Dresses

1950s Swing Dresses
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1950s swing dresses are to die for. The two of the most popular dresses of the 1950s were a swing dress or a wiggle dress. A swing dress is a tea-length, full-skirted dress. Both these styles had simple, snug-fitting tops with narrow high waistlines and shin-length or tea-length skirts at the bottom. Women loved wearing both of them inside or outside their house. A swing dress is simple yet elegant. It could be worn with an apron at home doing household chores and to a party with a chic belt and shimmered clutch.

1950s Trendy Lace Dresses

If you wish to look like a complete smoke show at any event, a red halter-neck lace dress is just the right dress for you. A lace dress could be anything- cute, demure, classy at the same time. When we think of marriage, we can only think of wearing a lace dress. This is the trend of the 1950s that is still alive. The details in a lace dress are so astonishing that you would want to buy it all over again.

Flapper Dresses

The charming and eye-catching dress originated at the dawn of the 20s. A strapped flapper dress cinched around the waist with a belt is worth the trend even now. It looks way better if the fringes in the dress are in the ombre shade. Considering the classic 1920s flapper dress, it is a straight fit and short hemline dress, completed the look with bobbed hair and a pump with a moderate heel.

Floor-Length Ball Gowns

A floor-length ball gown was a luxurious and unique wardrobe necessity worn exclusively for evening affairs. It was like any other item in the wardrobe. It was a much-needed outfit for women. Rich fabrics of silk, satin, taffeta, lace, organdy, net, velvet, chiffon, and net could either be chosen to create dramatic volume or draped for sleek Hollywood star luxuriousness.

Prom Dresses

Prom Dresses
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The era that had plenty of prom dresses would have been great. Women only had to put their fingers in a dress, and Voila! They had a prom dress. Prom dresses for teens were usually tea-length dresses. All the prom dresses from the decade have made fashion comebacks many times in the present. The layers of net, tulle, organdy, and many layers of light material made them bounce way more than usual.

Hostess Dress

Hostess gowns/dresses were worn from the 1920s onwards. It could be only seen in informal in-house parties. The trend changed in the 1950s, and women tend to like it more. The gowns were very long with loose flowing material. It looked like a cross between pajamas, a robe, and a dress. It is said that they were inspired by Asian fashion. A bunch of modern women back then paired it with pants. The incredible look of the dress made it possible to keep it in trend.

1950s dresses
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Poodle Skirts

Cropped tops and poodle skirts could have been way more famous than the dresses. To make it look like a dress, women would pair it with a similar monochromatic look. These skirts were also known as circle skirts. They came in with a hidden hoop fabric underneath. These skirts were embellished with other cute motifs like mic, dogs, and cars. Women did not wear it more than the teenage girls.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts were popular among women of all age groups. It gave a surprisingly amazing fit which further enhanced the figure of women. They drop straight from the waist to the mid-calf with a slight slot at the back pleat of the skirt. The pleat was for comfort while walking. The fabric of the pencil skirt is not stretchable. Therefore, it required women to walk with a wiggle. Most of these skirts are in solid color or plaid prints. They came in with a matching short sweater.

Accessories To Go For


Back in the day, white gloves would help in completing the look of a lady. No dress in the 50s was complete without a proper white glove. It came in many lengths and colors. However, a white short length glove was amongst the most popular kinds of gloves.


No discussion of the 50’s fashion would be complete without mentioning hats. Small hats, large sun hats, hats with veils, pillbox, or fascinators, were all the types of hats that could be seen back then.


Skirts and all the beautiful dresses would all go in vain without a belt that helped them to cinch their waist into an illusion of wearing a corset. A skirt or a dress with wide or skinny belts defines the waist of a lady.


A bag was a very common addition to a 1950s dress. Handbags helped to define the event or occasion women would go to. The choices of bags were almost limitless. Chanel 2.55 was a party bag. If a purse was made with the finest materials, then it was supposed to be carried to luxurious events.

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