What Dress Are Popular 1950s Style Dresses?

1950s  swing dress


What do you think of when it comes to fashion in the 1950s? I guess you would say the most distinctive 50s women's dress! Tight tops, defined waistlines, flowing or fitted skirt, sexy undergarments and high heels...Women's dress at that time was very sexy and mysterious. Even in the 21st century, many of our stylish dress designs are still inspired by what women wore in the 1950s. There are many obsessive fans of 1950s culture today, so there are also many replicas of 50s clothing. You can find your favorite 1950s dresses from street shops or from stores online, and the ZAPAKA website sells a collection of beautiful reproductions of 1950s dresses.

Women's dresses in the 1950s emphasized the hourglass figure, which was visually sexy and feminine. This silhouette is also very friendly to women's figures. You don't need to be very thin to dress beautifully. This was different from the later idea that women were required to be thin to be called fashion. Women don't need to go to the gym frequently to get a slender waist. They can wear foundation garments to make their figure look in line with mainstream aesthetics. These foundation garments may not be particularly comfortable, but once you get used to them and enjoy the beautiful visual experience it brings to your body, you will be willing to wear them. 

Before the 1950s, under the background of the war environment at that time, women did not have much thought about how to dress themselves, and the clothes were very simple and practical. But then, as the social environment stabilized, women started to pay attention to what they were wearing, they wanted to look more beautiful, and then the typical 1950s clothing came out. Skirts with flaring shape, brightly colored and patterned skirts quickly replaced the dull clothing of previous war times.

At that time, while this new and lively dressing was accepted by many women, it was difficult for some women to identify with this clothing culture. They found these to be fussy, impractical, and uncomfortable. They even feel that this dress culture makes women into ornamental vases, even if they have fully demonstrated women's power and social status in the past. Despite this, there are still many women willing to embrace this emerging dress culture. They actively dress up and enjoy life.

Around 1955, fashion again gradually shifted. Unlike full-hipped skirts, which were so popular in the first half of the 1950s, the silhouette became slimmer. Sheath dresses were more common. The hourglass shape gave way to a more cylindrical shape. Unlike the plaids and polka dots that were popular in the early '50s, the styles of the late '50s featured more monochromatic fabrics.

In the 1950s, girls wore ponytails, poodle skirts, saddle shoes, and bobby sox . Women might wore sweater suits or shirts and skirts, but at most social events they wore formal dresses.

Dressing styles in the 1950s were divided into two categories. One type is what called swing dress. This type of dress was fitted throught the waist and then fell into a wide skirt, from just above the hip. Some women wore petticoat underneath to give even more shape to the skirt.

Another type is named pencil skirt which is more fitted and feminine. The dress required a firm girdle to look right and can show off your curves. This dress was very body-hugging and even the slit at the back didn’t allow a long stride.

Neutral colors  were popular in the 1950s, but many styles were hand-painted or decorated with whimsical designs in the form of animals, flowers, and unusual hunting scenes. Likewise, ribbons, sequins and beading were used to decorate and spice up 1950s dresses. As the decade progressed, the designs became more futuristic and geometric to suit more modern tastes.


What dress are popular 1950s style dresses?

  1. 1950s Button-Detailed Long-Sleeve Dresses


1950s dress



  1. 1950s Plaid Pocket Dresses


1950 plaid dress


  1. 1950s Sailor-Inspired Dresses with White Trim, Buttons, or Piping


sailor inspired 1950 dress



  1. 1950s Dresses with Small Collars and Fitted Shirts
small collar 1950 dress



  1. 1950s Traditional Round Skirts (bodice also often belted or buttoned)


1950 dress with round skirt




  1. 1950s Halter Dresses with Wider Straps and Structured Corset


1950s dress


  1. 1950s Dresses with Apron Details 




  1. 1950s "Marilyn Monroe" Dresses, Cinched Waist, Pleated Skirt




  1. 1950s Shirt Waist Dresses
    1950s dress


     10. 1950s Pin-Up Dresses

1950s pin-up dress


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