How to Choose a Perfect Dress for Holiday Party?


“jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride, in a one-horse open sleigh...” With cheerful songs, Christmas is around the corner, holiday party invitations are streaming in. Now your top priority is to pick out some stunning dresses for the coming events. If you are looking for a dress that can attach more attention to  make you into the most beautiful girl, get ready to make an appropriately festive entrance!

One of the most important parts of attending holiday parties is to choose which dress is most suitable for you. It's the perfect excuse to splurge on a fantastic holiday party dress that will shock your family and friends. Althruogh it's a fun to dress up, sometimes it can be difficult to find a perfect holiday dress. You also have to take into consideration the theme, venue, and occasion for the holiday party so you aren't over or under dressed. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you pull off the right look this holiday season.

First, decide your style: festive or classic– This is the chance to shine and sparkle! Put on your sequin dress or glitter sweater or velvet top for amazing festive party looks! Of coude, if you are more of a classic lady, please pick up a gorgeous vintage dress or plaid blouse.

Second, choose which colors to wear– Red and green are classic Christmas colors, they can not be wrong. By the way, don’t overlook blue or black or even an all-white winter look!

Third, match the theme of the party– If the party you are going to attend has a theme (secret Santa, 1920s vintage, black tie code, ice skating, and so on), please have fun with it and choose a suitable dress.

Fourth, consider who is the hos of the party. Is it hosted by work, church, or friends? This can help guide you on pickig out what you should dress. For a more conservative event, a pencil skirt with a velvet top or sweater is always a nice look.

Fifth, think of what kind is the party. Is it sophisticated or vintage, formal or casual? A simple little black dress with the bodycon design is a perfect choice for a more sophisticated party, while a swing dress is more suitable for a vintage party.

Sixth, the place where the holiday party take place also matters– Depending on where the party is being held may dictate how you dress for the party… some restaurants have a dress code. If it's an outdoor party, add a coat to keep you warm.

The above are some general tips, hope it can be thought as reference. Next, let's talk about the dress according to the specific occasion.

Holiday Party Cocktail Dresses

It may be necessary for each lady to own a few key pieces that fit for special events. The most versatile of them is a cocktail dress, which can be worn for lots of occasion, from holiday parties to weddings. To be short, a cocktail dress is a knee-length party dress. How about this one? It features spaghetti-straps and a sweetheart neckline with princess seams in the bodice, it will mold to your curves and adapt to them, showing them off and making you look like a smokeshow while the tight fit pencil skirt with a faux drap ends right above your knees to show off your legs, putting your focus on them, elongating them and making them look fierce, powerful and sexy.

Formal Holiday Party Cocktail Dresses

When it comes to office parties, you should nail a sophisticated yet chic aesthetic. Look no further, this little black dress features the puff sleeves that are very on trend, it will command all the attention. A narrow fit through the torso and waist and down to the hem finish off the piece, showing off your curves. No matter which  dress you choose, when it comes to making a statement, remember to pick a pair of stunning stilettos for an adorable appearance.

Semi-Formal Holiday Party Cocktail Dresses
A cocktail dress can be suited to many occasions, including semi-formal events. This black flounce dress will never goes out of style. Featuring an assymetrical neckline with a flounce frill you can wear as a strapor simply over your chest and a lace neck, it is a versatile dress. Adding accessories like statement earrings or pointed-toe stiletto pumps, it will be better.

Office Holiday Party Dresses
This black bocycon dress fits well and is made of high-quality material makes a fantastic option for office holiday parties. Keep it simple and understated as well as comfortable, so you can walk around and talk to people. Darker colours tend to be very flattering and suit all skin tones, at the same time, the conservative colors can keep skin exposure to a minimum. You want coworkers to focus on what you have to say, not how little you're wearing.

Long Sleeve Holiday Party Dresses
If you’re about to an outdoor party and searching for coverage and warmth, why not wear a long sleeve dress? Stylish and chic, this grape velvet dress is sure to make you stand out while keeping you comfortable. The cinched waist minimizes your figure and makes you look slender yet curvy as it flares down into a lovely dapper flowy skirt that drapes atop your knees, showing them off. For especially cold occasions, consider also taking a pair of boots with you that matches your look.

Long Holiday Party Dresses
A perfect holiday party dress requires a mixture of sophistication and fun, please opt for a chic and simple long dress with a playful twist, such as a V-neck or off shoulder. Featuring cinched waist to put all the focus on your bust and enhance your figure, putting the focus on your curves and slenderness as creating the illusion of an hourglass silhouette. The floor-length skirt highlights the silhouette as it smooths over the hips and flares out to the floor, it is sure to win the spotlight.

Holiday Christmas Party Dresses
Christmas is one of the only times when dresses in holiday colors isn't cheesy, the parties are the time to dazzle, so don’t settle for a look that’s dull. To really show off your Christmas spirit, we recommend  a festive red or green dress. Look at this green halter dress. Featuring a halter neck and a deep V neck decolletage for a very sexy air, the bodice ends right up with a cinched waist to be able to showcase your figure; and the miniskirts is fluffy! Take into consideration the cold weather and make sure you have something to cover any bare areas in case you're spending some time outdoors in the cold.

Holiday Dinner Party Dresses
Attending a dinner party needs an amazing outfit that’s equal parts style and class. So, if you’re looking for a stylish holiday dinner party dress, consider choosing a chic evening dress. Some personal ideas of stylish details can also be added, like a strapless design or light fringing. No dress can be more suitable for the prom than this black velvet dress. An elegant V-neckline with thin straps creates a feminine look,the fitted bodice and flowy skirt bring a beautiful silhouette. The most eye-catching part of this dress is the tassels at the bottom of skirt, classic and graceful.  

Elegant Holiday Party Dresses

A formal holiday party requires a graceful long dress. Choosing a refined dress featuring a simple yet feminine silhouette in a dark colour, will bring you the look of sophistication. Just make sure you select a quality dress with a classic appeal, classic is timeless. When you enter the hall in a classic black dress, all eyes will be on your stunning silhouette!

New Year’s Eve Party Dresses
It's the night when you celebrate days past and look forward to days in the future, so put on a New Year party dress that is celebratory and fun. Don't be afraid of sparkles or adorning yourself with jewels and funky jewelry. This dress will work with any hairstyle and the soothing color palette used in this is a treat for the eyes. With this dress on, let’s just that say that you will be winning wherever you go. It's the perfect time to be glamorous and super flirty!

Plus Size Holiday Party Dresses
Today, there are many beautiful plus-sized party dresses for women. Curvy women no longer have to wear weirdly shaped clothing. Instead, they have a number of choices that can enhance and complement their figures. To nail the look, just choose a dress that flatters your shape and shows off your stunning curves, such as those with a cinched waist. After all, the key to a flattering garment comes down to fit, not colour. Also, go for materials with substance and structure; they will provide support and coverage.

It is wise to choose a suitable dress based on occasions, as well as choosing the right brand. On our website, there are various kinds of dresses with various styles, if you want to buy a dress for holiday parties, why not choose ZAPAKA?

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