Best Retro Bikinis and Vintage One-Pieces Styles You Have to Try


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Retro bikinis are becoming more and more popular nowadays for many good reasons. These classic styles from the 50s up to the 80s are not only flattering but are also a testament on how women fashion has evolved throughout the years.

Women’s swimwear history is almost like the women’s liberation; it was restrained at first but became bolder with each generation. As it evolved, every era gave a swimsuit style that still appeals to women today. What’s better is that these retro bathing suits are redesigned to fit different body shapes and engineered to be comfortable.

If you are looking for retro and vintage bikinis that you should try, then you are on the right page. Continue reading below for more valuable information.

Vintage High-Waisted Bikini

Vintage High Waisted Bikini(Shop: ZPKCGLHSW1142, ZPKCGLHSW1177, ZPKCGLHSW1176)

The high-waisted bikini is an offshoot of the early retro one-piece swimsuits. Versatile and flattering, this style remains one of the most popular retro bathing suits. The vintage high-waisted bikini is stylish and sophisticated, perfect for women of all ages.

If you don’t want to expose your tummy, this will provide coverage. Some styles are also flattering to minimize your waist with ruchings and belts. You can also mix and match it with other bikini or tankini tops for added or less skin exposure.

Modest Swimwear Styles

Vintage bathing suits like bloomers gave a lot of coverage in the 1800s, primarily due to society’s pressures. Today, women can choose to wear modest swimwear if they’re more comfortable with it. Same as risqué swimwear, there are several options for modest swimsuits.

In addition, swimsuits with high necklines or leggings can help protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. Rash guards are long-sleeved tops also great for protecting yourself from cuts and bruises during swimming.

Retro One-Piece Swimsuit

Retro One-Piece Swimsuit(Shop: ZPKCGLHSW1165, ZPKCGLHSW1163, ZPKCGLHSW1169)

The first retro swimsuit was “the Annette Kellerman,” named after Australian swimmer Annette Kellermann. It became controversial when she was arrested for wearing the first DIY swimsuit at Boston Beach.

After a public outcry, she was released, and she marketed the form-fitting swimsuits. Retro one-piece swimsuits usually consist of a sweetheart, boxed, or ruffled neckline with a high-waisted bikini or boy short bottoms to add coverage at the bottom part.

Furthermore, one-piece swimsuits are still popular today because of their comfort and practicality. Modern retro one-piece swimsuits retained the silhouette but added new materials and embellishments.

Plus Size Retro Swimwear

Plus Size Retro Swimwear(Shop: ZPKCGLHSW1175, ZPKCGLHSW1174, ZPKCGLHSW1173)

Modern brands have matured in giving plus-size women a wide range of swimsuits to choose from. Sports Illustrated had its first plus-size model grace their Swimsuit edition in 2015, which means every body type can now be accepted.

With their structured style and prints, retro swimsuits are considered very flattering for this body type. With plus-size swimwear, smaller retro prints like gingham, polka-dots, and vertical stripes will not overpower the wearer, while the high-waisted bikini can smoothen the bulges.

Polka Dot Bathing Suit

Polka Dot Bathing Suit(Shop: ZPKCGLHSW1179, ZPKCGLHSW1178, ZPKCGLHSW1144)

The polka-dot is one of the most popular designs from the 1920s to 1960s, appearing in clothing, home furniture, and so much more. However, the polka dot bathing suit took off with the launch of “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini” by Bryan Hyland.

After the song’s success, demand for polka dot bikinis spiked, and so did the acceptance of bikinis for women. Today, polka-dot swimsuits are still the rage since it is a flattering print for different body types. It is classic yet fun, so it can be translated for women of different ages.

Floral Swimsuit

Floral Swimsuit(Shop: ZPKCGLHSW1151)

Flowers are nature’s design inspiration. That’s why each era has given its unique spin for this print. The 50s consisted of dainty flowers; the 60s and 70s had a trippy version, while the 80s and 90s had louder and bigger prints. Florals are still one of the most searched vintage swimsuit prints even today.

1950s Swimwear

1950s Swimwear(Shop: ZPKCGLHSW1146)

There are a variety of swimwear styles that marked the booming 50s. The princess bathing suit was the classic cut of this era with its sweetheart neckline and pencil skirt style bottom. There’s the baby doll bathing suit that has the same neckline but with short boy shorts bottom.

Another famous cut was the empire waist swimsuit that had a band or a bow under the bustline. Bold patterns like gingham, cherries, and candy stripes while striking colors like red, pink, and aqua can be seen in 1950s swimwear.

1940s Swimsuit

1940s Swimsuit(Shop: Swimsuit, Sunglasses, Hat)

The 1940s fashion was a transition period from conservative to modern, and swimwear was reflected in that. The one-piece swimsuit was still the rage, but the two-piece swimsuit was slowly gaining traction. The 1940s design aesthetic was minimalist with patterns like color blocking, polka dots, and stripes on these vintage swimsuits.

1960s Swimsuits

1960s Swimsuits(Shop: ZPKCGLHSW1161)

Hippie-era swimsuits moved to become bolder and sexier with a growing acceptance of bikinis and bathing suits with low-cut bottoms. Bikinis became more acceptable after it was featured in the famous pop song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini” and with celebrities like Bridget Bardot wearing them at Saint-Tropez.

However, swimsuits still have color blocking patterns inspired by the Mod scene as well as jewel-tone colors. Notable colors for swimsuits in this era were pink, green, orange, and black.

Shopping Tips For Retro-inspired Swimwear

When shopping for vintage style bathing suits, always remember these quick and easy tips:

1.Retro-inspired swimwear is a great choice since they have a retro silhouette with modern fabrics. Modern materials used in swimsuits are more ideal for swimming rather than the original fabrics used before.
2.Modern retro-inspired swimsuit styles have the same design but have been reimagined to fit different body types. More choices for more women!
3.Try it on! Fitting swimsuits is a must to know if the wearer will be comfortable in them and can move well.

Final Words

Based on the learnings of the past, clothing should be about comfort and confidence. Swimwear should allow for a good time and performance rather than getting a judgment from others. Retro swimwear should not only be a fashion but also a reminder of how far women have gone to wear what they want.


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