20 Best Floral Dresses for Summer 2021


We all know that the winter is over when fancy girls start to wear floral dresses all day long. Many dresses could be part of your spring/summer days that will bring a good mood and joy while you are wearing them and boost your confidence during this season. Floral printed dresses are the best option when you want to be modern during your day’s activities, going out for drinks with your loved ones, and be stunning on some special occasion. We are here to give you some ideas that would be modern and popular this summer, give you many choices of floral dresses that you could wear, look gorgeous, and feel amazing. A vintage and floral look is never going out of style!

1. Green Floral Dress Inspired by the 1950s

1950s Floral Print Green Summer Dress
(Shop Now)

Go back in time and enjoy some vintage fashion inspired from the 50s. This beautiful green floral dress, along with the delicate design with daisies, is the best choice for a lovely summer day. Wear it on special occasions, be different at the office, be flawless, or go for a walk and feel comfy and modern. Wear this beautiful dress with ivory high heels or sandals and a small vintage handbag.

2. Asymmetrical Boho Dress

Asymmetrical Wrap Boho Dress(Shop Now)

Boho dresses are always the best choice for showing your style and being authentic. This asymmetrical boho dress will emphasize your figure, show your silhouette and make you feel beautiful while wearing it. Wear this boho dress on special occasions, and style it with a pearl necklace and nude sandals.

3. Floral Dress with Polka Dots Design

Printed Polka Dot Vintage Dress (Shop Now)

Be ready for dating and make everybody to have all eyes on you. This floral dress with polka dots is excellent for summer nights when you want to show your brave and elegant side. Upgrade your style and create a more vintage look with a vintage pin-up hairstyle and cat-eye sunglasses.

4. Blue Midi Floral Dress

Summer Small Floral Print Casual Dress(Shop Now)

Be cute and casual while wearing this sexy blue midi floral dress. Spice the look with golden stiletto sandals and find a vintage bag. This simple but gorgeous dress could be worn on a chilly summer night when you want to feel comfortable, sexy, and a little bit mysterious.  

5. Maxi Polka Dots Dress for Perfect Summer Nights

Pink Polka Dots Maxi Boho Dress(Shop Now)

Make your summer nights perfect wearing a maxi polka dots dress and be gorgeous without question. You can have your new dress in your favorite color – pink, green, white, navy. Upgrade your look with some comfy moccasins in opposite color from the dress, or put on some high heels and enjoy the perfect summer night.

6. Vintage Dress with Print Inspired from 1950s

Vintage Print 1950s Swing Dress (Shop Now)

For all the lovers of vintage looks, this is the perfect dress that will take them to the 1950s. Wearing this flawless dress will boost your self-esteem, emphasize your feminine side, and will bring a smile to your face. Choose from two different prints and colors named- summer and lemons. Put on the retro red heels, and you are ready to party!

7. Floral Spring Blue Dress

Grey Blue Floral Printed Summer Dress(Shop Now)

This perfect spring dress will give you a unique look, swing you into a festive mood, and prepare you for the best late-night spring walks. Wear this dress when you have meetings during busy mornings to show your character, while you want to have a casual coffee meeting with your friends, or rock it during the wedding seasons.

8. Summer Short Floral Dress

Spaghetti Straps Printed Floral Summer Dress(Shop Now)

Show your perfect summer tan wearing this mini blue dress. Made to give you comfort, looking incredible to every body shape, and giving emphasis to your summer tan, this summer blue floral dress is the perfect choice for every girl ready to go for action. Spice up the look with some pearl necklace for evening casual walks or white sneakers for daily activities.

9. Little Black Floral Dress

Printed Floral Summer Dress(Shop Now)

Enjoy the summer dinner meetings and rock his world with this little black floral dress. Retro and chic for every modern girl, printed with beautiful chamomile flowers, will give the ultimate touch to make your style special. Pop up your style with some deep green stiletto shoes and a little clutch into the same color.

10. Boho Dress For Retro Vibes

V Neck 34 Sleeves Boho Dress(Shop Now)

This beautiful boho dress with ¾ sleeves and V neck will definitely bring some retro vibes for casual weekend days. Wear this dress while walking on the beach barefoot, or wear it on your weekend gateway and take everyone’s breath away. Style them with some retro sunglasses, cork sandals, and a knitted bag.

11. Floral Summer Dress Made For Summer Days

Floral Print Summer Dress(Shop Now)

Summer days won’t be perfect if you don’t have a perfect summer dress that will make you feel sexy, show the best attributes and show your perfect figure! This little summer dress you can find in two beautiful colors- blue and grey pink, or you could have it both and enjoy the summer.

12. Green Printed Floral Dress

Spaghetti Straps Printed Summer Dress(Shop Now)

This lightweight green floral dress is the perfect choice when you want to enjoy hot summer days. Flawless and stunning with spaghetti straps, it could be worn on different occasions. Match this beautiful dress with silver pointy heels, vintage pearl embroidery handbag for summer nights, or sandals for daily activities.

13. Floral Little Jumpsuit

Printed Jumpsuit Wide Leg Shorts(Shop Now)

Jumpsuits are a perfect choice when you want to be stylish, chic, and they are an excellent alternative to make a statement with your urban style. This ultimate floral jumpsuit is ideal for the late summer season when you have a good tan to show and emphasize it. Choose from the two different designs and colors- apricot and white. Match it champagne pointy heels and crystal drop earrings.

14. Vintage Strawberry Printed Dress

Blue Strawberry Floral Vintage Swing 1950s Dress(Shop Now)

It will not be a mistake if you choose to wear something different, something vintage, and something that will make people turn around while you are walking. This midi strawberry printed dress will give that effect when you want to bring attention and be in the spotlight. Spice the look with retro red heels and enjoy the attention!

15. Perfect Boho Wrap Dress

Blue Floral Boho Floral Wrap Dress (Shop Now)

Boho dresses are very often worn during the spring/ summer season. This beautiful dress will give your silhouette a perfect look, provide you with comfort wearing it into the office or during a coffee date with your friends. Style it with some pearl earrings to give a more sophisticated look and a tiny handbag.

16. Yellow Printed Midi Dress

Yellow Floral Boho Summer Dress(Shop Now)

Perfect midi dress for late summer or early autumn. Wear this dress to a fancy party, walking on sunset, or at the office. The fabric is lightweight for skin, easy to maintain, and very comfortable. Match it with green stiletto high heels and shell pearl necklace and enjoy some boosted confidence.

17. Navy Sexy Summer Dress

Navy Litter Flower Printed Summer Dress(Shop Now)

Perfect for your date into hot summer nights to emphasize your beauty, or it is the ideal choice for partying with your friends. This midi sexy summer dress, printed with tiny yellow flowers, is for girls that want to make a bold choice, feel romantic, and are ready to take action. Get your perfect geometry patchwork party handbag and look stunning in every way!

18. Boho Tiny Dress

Blue Tiny Floral Boho Summer Dress (Shop Now)

Late-night summer night won’t be perfect if you are not wearing the proper dress. This tiny boho dress is made to give you a gentle feeling when you are wearing it, make you feel romantic, and enjoy daily activities. Match it with silver pointy heels and a vintage handbag.

19. Boho Orange Dress

Floral Orange Boho Dress(Shop Now)

Let the sunshine be part of your wardrobe, and add this fabulous dress to your collection. Perfect combination with retro cat-eye sunglasses to fill the outfit into a hot summer day and enjoy the perfect weather. Spice the look with some hoop earrings and black velvet retro shoes.

20. Yellow Short Boho Dress

Yellow Floral Short Boho Dress(Shop Now)

Floral boho dress, made by the most delicate fabric. It will definitely make you feel sleek and modern during the spring season. This is a dress for every day that could bring the sun to your day, make you feel gorgeous and fresh. Match this short floral dress with a pink party clutch and sunflower gold drop earrings and be classy and retro at the same time.

Make your choice, smile, be stunning on every occasion, and enjoy the perfect weather! Bring back to the 50s, make some vintage combinations and be a new modern fashion inspiration!

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