The Lady in A Green Dress

When it comes to Hollywood actress’classic styles of wearing dresses in movies, everyone will think of Audrey Hepburn's little black dress and Marilyn Monroe's ivory white dress.

In the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, Hepburn wore a little black dress designed by Givenchy. Black long gloves, Tiffany pearl necklace, high hair, wide-brimmed hat, each frame can be used as an advertising poster. Because of this movie, Givenchy and Hepburn both made a great success.

In the movie The Seven Year Itch, the ivory white pleated dress comes from the famous American costume designer William Travilla. He designed the costumes for countless actresses at that time and had a long-term cooperation with Monroe. Monroe wrote a letter to him “Please dress me forever, I love you”.

There are lots of classic styles in movies. In addition to the little black dress and white dress, a green dress can also be a timeless classic.

Those who saw Gone with the Wind must remember this picuture, Vivien Leigh wearing a deep floral ruffled green floral dress, making her cute and elegant. Vivien Leigh is like a fairy, looking into her eyes, you will be attracted to her.

There is also a plot. In order to look decent when visiting Barrett in prison, Scarlett, who has long been destitute, let the nurse make a gorgeous dress with green velvet curtains. This dress was designed by 19th century costume designer Walter Plunkett. He designed 150 dresses in Hollywood history, the most famous of which is this one.

The wonderful dresses are not only in the old movies, in the movie Atonement (shoot in 2007), there is also a amazingly beautiful scene. "England Rose" Keira Knightley gives the impression that she is heroic and feminine, but gentle, and she will attract the attention of the audience when she comes out. When she was wearing the green halter silk dress, like an elf falling into the world, everyone was surprised by this scene.

Why does this movie choose a green skirt? A German female scholar wrote a book called "The Character of Color". In the Christian culture, red represents the king, male, blue represents the Virgin, love, and green is the color of the devil's skin. Especially the dark green is the meaning of the dark elves in the forest.The reason is very interesting, because the red and blue are brighter, and the green is darker.

Until the chemical dyes develop to a certain extent and can be dyed with lustrous green, the green is popular with fashionable ladies. In any case, green does have a unique, sharp and sexy look. A green dress is always in style. The only question is what type of green dress is in fashion.

In ZAPAKA, there are lots of green dresses with different styles and fabrics, you can shop by color through the buttons on the home page. According to the depth of the green, the dark shade has dark green, army green, hunter green, forest green, christmas green, kelly green, emerald green, turquoise and so on; the light shade has mint green, sage green, sea green, pastel green, pale green and so on.

One of the most popular colors this year is dark green. Women love them because they go well with every hair color and they can be easily combined with details and accessories in other colors. Even if you opt for a simple dress in dark green, you will look very stylish.

If you like elegant vintage look, you can choose our Green Button Dress. The top part is designed with lapel collar combined with V-neck cut. The buttons are asymmetrically round shaped to elevate feminine touch along with an embellishment of frills on the center. The dress is a combination of semi-formal and feminine style.

If you are a Minimalist style, you will like the Sash Green. The A-line dress has a modest neckline to emphasize the upper shape of the body with form fitting around the chest and waist. A flared-out skirt for a comfortable casual wear and an attachable bow made from satin to add an elegant and feminine touch to the overall design.

The dark green dress can bring a sense of maturity and elegance, but the light green dress can reveal the cuteness in elegance. Therfore, a ligtht green dress, such as mint, can be very suitable as the bridesmaid dress, mint is a bright color,and it won’t grab the bride's limelight.

In ZAPAKA, you can find many mint dresses, how about this one? It features an elegant off-shoulder neckline with a shawl collar and runs from the waist down into a flowy full swing skirt, which creates a super elegant silhouette. A dazzling overlay of mint lace clutches your feminine figure for flawless form while soft lining keeps you comfortable. With asymmetrical design, the hem of skirt will dance with your pace when you are moving. It is both a feast for the eyes and a joy to wear.

If you want to wear a mint dress with sleeves, here is it. Sweetness and femininity come together in this beautiful dress! The short sleeves will allow you to show off your accessories. The V neck cut will flatter your neck line while the lovely cloth belt will accentuate your waist. And if you don’t like V neck, we also have round neck dress. The entire dress is showered with a beautiful array of floral patterns to give it that feminine touch. Ultimately, the refined floristry makes this dress a delightful and graceful wonder.

No matter what the shape of the collar, No matter what the length of the sleeve, No matter what the fabric, each lady should have a green dress. ZAPAKA believes that every woman deserves to look beautiful. That's why we offer many different dresses that come in various shapes, styles and colors. Chose your favorite green dress and you are ready for your special occasion! You will look and feel gorgeous, and that can not go unnoticed!

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