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Despite the current global health crisis, we are not experiencing delays on our end but keep in mind that production times can increase without notice, especially between January and March, so we recommend ordering 3 months in advance of an event to ensure plenty of time for delivery.

Keep in mind that if you see production times increase after you place an order, your order will not be impacted. Only new orders will be affected.

This article includes additional helpful information about when to order our products, how to check the turnaround time of an item before ordering, and much more:


The majority of our prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses products are Made to Order, meaning that we only begin sewing them once an order has been placed. Because of this, it can take a few weeks for us to finish making an item before it ships out. For example, bridesmaid dresses generally take 5 weeks for production plus an additional 3-10 days for delivery. Please keep in mind that shipping time is separate from production times.

We recommend ordering Made to Order items 3 months before your event to ensure plenty of time for us to make and deliver your order. This can also help prevent delays due to any unforeseeable events, such as natural disasters or carrier related issues. Between January and March, production times can increase up to 8 weeks. Please plan accordingly.

Below is a list of our turnaround times (production and shipping timelines) for our Made to Order products as of January 20, 2022:

Bridesmaid Dresses* 5 Weeks (check item pages for exact times) Additional 3-10 Days
Prom Dresses 5 Weeks Additional 3-10 Days
Flower Girl Dresses 5 Weeks Additional 3-10 Days
Bridal Gowns 5 Weeks Additional 3-10 Days
Homecoming Dresses 5 Weeks Additional 3-10 Days
Party Dresses 5 Weeks Additional 3-10 Days
Mother of the Bride Dresses 5 Weeks Additional 3-10 Days

*Includes Adult Bridesmaid, Junior Bridesmaid, Maternity, and Modest Bridesmaid Dresses.


A selection of our products are ready made, meaning these items are in stock and ready to be shipped. They only take a few days to prepare before they are shipping (taking up to 10 days for delivery once on its way).

For example, lace dresses take 11-15 days to process and an additional 3-10 days for delivery.

While it doesn’t take too long for these items to be processed and delivered, we recommend ordering most Ready Made items at least 1 month before you need them. 

You can find a list of our Ready Made items and their processing times as of January 20, 2022:

Vintage Dress 11-15 Days for Processing Additional 3-10 Days
 Lace Dress 11-15 Days for Processing Additional 3-10 Days
Prom Dress Varies per style. See dress product page for processing time. Additional 3-10 Days
1920s Dress 11-15 Days for Processing Additional 3-10 Days
Casual Dresses 14-18 Days for Processing Additional 3-10 Days
Accessory 11-15 Days for Processing Additional 3-10 Days
Shoes 13-16 Days for Processing Additional 3-10 Days
Other Clothing 13-16 Days for Processing Additional 3-10 Days


If you aren't sure what the processing or production time of a specific item is, you can find this information at the bottom of the item page. In the picture below, we can see this prom dress takes 25-32 business days for production plus 3-6 days for delivery. 

Note: Orders Placed From Jan.20th To Feb.8th Will Proceed After Feb.8th Because Of COVID-19 and Our Holiday. So the Finally Delivery Time of Orders Placed From Jan.20nd To Feb.8th is Our Product Page Delivery Time Plus Another 18 days (Which We don't Handle Orders From Jan.20th To Feb.8th).

Keep in mind that while some pages will give you an estimated delivery window, this will change at checkout based on the provided shipping address so be sure to check the delivery window that shows up at checkout before ordering!


  • An estimated delivery window will be provided at checkout once you’ve input and saved your address. It will appear at the very bottom of the page beside the items ordered in green text.
  • We do not recommend ordering a Made to Order item earlier than 3 months before your event date as we have a very limited return policy. Ordering 3 months in advance should allow enough time for production, delivery, and any needed alterations (as is common with formalwear.).
  • Custom sizing is required additional fees and takes the same amount of time to make as our standard sized dresses. All custom sized dresses are non-returnable.
  • We do not offer exchanges at this time. If you purchase a dress and find that you need another size, you will need to place a new order for the correct dress and process a return.
  • If you are currently losing weight and aren't sure of your size, we still recommend ordering 3 months in advance and making sure you order your current size at checkout as it is alway easier to take a dress in rather than let a dress out. We do not recommend ordering the size you think you will be at the time of the event. We also recommend sticking with standard sizing as custom as custom sizing is non-returnable.
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