How to Join

1. You must follow @zapakaofficial TikTok Account
2. Showcase any Zapaka item on TikTok
3. Tag @zapakaofficial + hashtag #zapaka and #zapakafashion in your video descriptions

FYI: Be creative! Unbox, try on, show off, do your own thing and showcase Zapaka!

Eligibility & Entry Rules

1.Everyone who has a Zapaka product can join!
2.Each Tiktoker guarantees that they are the exclusive owner all content submitted.
3.Entries must be submitted before 10/31 11:59pm.

Zapaka Creators’ Jackpot

    Video views of each vlog:

  • ≥3.0K win $10
  • ≥20.0K win $30
  • ≥100.0K win $100
  • ≥1.0M win $200

Weekly Ranking (Video Views over ≥1.0M)

  • Top 1: $300 cash and 3*$100 Zapaka coupons.

Monthly Ranking (The video must ≥3.0M )

  • Top 1: $3,000 cash and 5*$100 Zapaka coupons.
  • Top 2: $2,000 cash and 2*$100 Zapaka coupons.
  • Top 3: $1,000 cash and 1*$100 Zapaka coupons.
  • Winners with the most video view counts may win the Zapaka Creators' Jackpot along with the corresponding prizes of the top weekly and monthly ranking. For example, winners with the most view counts for every week will win the corresponding Zapaka Creators' Jackpot along with the Weekly rankings of $300 cash & $300 coupons. If the winner wins the most weekly and monthly view counts ranking for the consecutive 5 weeks and consecutive 2 months, the total payout will be each level of the Zapaka Creators' Jackpot along with all weekly $1,500 cash & $1,500 in coupons as well as all monthly $6,000 cash & $1,000 in coupons, top total payout will be no more than $10,000.

1.All videos are free to enter and have the chance to win each reward tier. Every week your account reaches a new level, you can apply for the reward. More view counts have better chances of winning. One account can win a reward for every level reached.

2.Please fill out the information containing your PayPal account, TikTok username at We will review and remit the cash prizes. Make sure to double-check the PayPal account is accurate. Zapaka takes no responsibility for any incorrectly submitted information.

3.We require (3) images for validation. Image #1 should be your Profile page. lmage #2 should have the Zapaka item vlog information showing the video view counts/ impressions. Image #3 should be the cover page of the video, using the correct hashtags and mentioning @zapakaofficial within the post. Each image should be no more than 5MB.

4.Do not submit your application multiple times.

5.Total View Counts for Weekly Rankings will be published every Monday and Monthly Rankings will be published at the end of each month. The earlier for each TikToker accumulating total view counts, the easier it will be to progress onto the next level. Please see Zapaka's official Tiktok account at @zapakaofficial for final rankings and results. All cash prizes based on ranking must contact Zapaka's official Tiktok account with your winner announcement and PayPal account. Winners are expected to have a Zapaka registered account to receive Zapaka coupons. We will review all videos with the most view counts and allow up to 48 hours for prize payments to be issued to the winner.

6.Winners who have been rewarded acknowledge and agree that Zapaka has the right to use the videos at its discretion throughout, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social accounts. For any questions or concerns, please reach to our customer support at Zapaka reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.

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